Friday, 6 April 2012

Vivobarefoot Breatho on test

My minimalist shoes of choice, Vivobarefoot Breatho, reviewed by a fellow barefoot/minimalist runner, Barefoot Tyler.


As you may have guessed, these are my favorite minimalist trail running shoes.  

Well,  mine too!

Tarahumara People, as seen by National Geographic

The unexpected death of Caballo Blanco brought the Tarahumara People back in the focus. See what National Geographic has to say about them.

Tarahumara People (National Geographic)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It is not about the footwear, I agree

As the bloggers at Natural Coaching suggest, it is, actually, about the form, and not the footwear. And I agree totally. I recently bought a pair of Vivobarefoot Breatho. I was wearing them around for a few days, did some shorter runs and finally decided to go for one of my usual afternoon runs, 45 minutes on the gravel/dirt road. (Yes, I'm in my under-45-mins timeframe yet). I, of course, wanted to run "properly", landing on my forefoots. I finished my run and I was pretty satisfied, actually. It felt great! Until day after. I've got such cramps in my calves that I couldn't longer that a minute the next day. Now I'm doing 10-15 minutes easy runs every day, hoping to get back into 45-minutes regimen within a month.

So, it is actually about good running form, not the shoes.


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